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This page is intended to provide a series of informative, easy to digest blogs that relate to the home owner that is about to embark on building a new home or undertaking a renovation.

The intended topics will include an overview into council procedures and requirements, suggestions for the selection of builders and other building professionals,  plus general advise on what to expect when building or renovating.

  • Blog - Deck safety: What you need to know

    by Andrew Longa | Jun 21, 2016
    Are you planning on adding a deck to your home? While they can be a great addition to your living space,when not engineered to Australian Standard,they can be fraught with danger.
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  • Blog - Choosing an engineer: an important decision

    by Andrew Longa | Apr 11, 2016
    Choosing which engineer to design your home can be a confusing decision for most. Understandably so, there are many engineering firms, all claiming to deliver the most cost effective, quality solutions. This blog explores how to best choose which engineering firm that suits your needs.
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  • Blog - Overcoming building & tree issues

    by Andrew Longa | Aug 05, 2015
    Trees can add value and beauty to the environment around your home. Unfortunately if they are close to your home, they can cause structural damage.
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  • Blog - Retrospective engineering. Is it worth it?

    by Andrew Longa | Jun 15, 2015
    Have you ever considered bypassing council approval to do a renovation? We weigh up the advantages in doing so here.
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  • Blog - Wall removal. Benefits, implications and what to expect.

    by Andrew Longa | Apr 21, 2015
    Removing walls in your house or apartment can add space and a whole new open feel to your home. This can add value to your home, rejuvenate the look and feel of your home and enable the use of space that is otherwise non-usable. Are you ready to enjoy the benefits with wall removal in your home? Then read on...
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  • Blog - Mandatory Inspections: Engineer or Council inspector?

    by Andrew Longa | Feb 02, 2015
    During the construction process, you will need to nominate either your local council inspector or a private engineering consultant to undertake ongoing site inspections. We evaluate the benefits of using a Council Inspector Vs. Professional Engineer
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  • Blog - Demystifying Development Approvals (DA's).

    by Andrew Longa | Dec 01, 2014
    Did you know there are different types of DA's? Councils are becoming increasingly vigilant in checking that approvals have been obtained. Let us explain the right one for your renovation.
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  • Blog - Variations in building: what to expect

    by Darnelle O’Brien | Dec 18, 2013
    Variations in building: what to expect Despite every effort being made at the planning and design stage to ensure your documented design is exactly what you want; sometimes changes need to be made part way through the build process.
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  • Blog - So you have your DA approval: what next?

    by Darnelle O’Brien | Nov 25, 2013
    What does my DA approval mean? This important milestone gives you permission to build - in principle. This means the council has simply OK’d the size and suitability of your proposal, with respect to local planning laws. The DA drawings do not tell the builder in any detail how the building is to be constructed: that comes next.
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  • Blog - MJ Civil’s guide to choosing a building professional

    by Darnelle O’Brien | Oct 21, 2013
    At MJ Civil we understand that selecting suppliers is one of the biggest challenges of a new building project: we all know that the right or wrong people can make or break a project. But it can be a minefield understanding exactly what each building professional does and evaluating the best person for the job.
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  • Blog - Spotlight on building: Builder's licensing and insurance.

    by Darnelle O’Brien | Sep 16, 2013
    When selecting a builder, most people think about price and availability. It’s also important however, to check their licensing and track record too. Thankfully there’s an easy way to do this.
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