Blog - Overcoming building & tree issues

Trees can add value and beauty to their environment. But when they are in close proximity with a surrounding structure they can cause structural problems to your home and can even become the source of neighbourly disputes.
We inspect many properties with trees that affect adjacent structures. We assess if the tree is having a direct or indirect influence and accordingly recommend procedures to address the cause and remediate the damage.

Trees and structural damage

Structural problems occur when large tree roots displace building footings. This generally causes cracks in walls. Trees also indirectly influence nearby structures when it “drinks” water from reactive clay foundations. Structural problems begin to occur when soil moisture fluctuations brought about by the tree combine with footings that have not been constructed to Australian Standard.

Trees adjacent to retaining structures induces increasing surcharge loads as the tree grows and increases in weight, adding unexpected load onto a retaining structure. Roots from growing trees also add lateral pressures having an adverse effect. Trees can also cause problems to retaining structures when tree roots cause fractures in drainage works, thus inducing reactive soils to expand. This can lead to retaining wall failure.

MJ Civil does not condone tree removal and we endeavour to implement methods that avoid such removal. However, we have made applications to counsel on behalf of our clients to remove trees in areas we determine is necessary.

If your property is experiencing distress from nearby trees, MJ Civil would be glad to inspect your property and assist in remedying such causes.