New Works Certification

New Works Certification

Structural works being undertaken as part of a Development Application (or subsequent Construction certificate) approved by council are typically required to be designed by a practicing structural engineer.  In addition it is also a usual requirement that works are inspected during the construction phases to ensure suitability and building code compliance. MJ Civil can provide Civil & Structural design & site supervision compliant with these consent conditions.

An example of typical conditions for both design and inspection requirements are given below:

The following are required details and must be submitted to the Principal Certifying Authority prior to issue of the Construction Certificate. Any matter listed below must have a Certificate attached from a suitably qualified person to the effect that the design or matter complies with the relevant design Standard or Code which the Certificate must identify.

  1. Details prepared by a practicing structural engineer for all or any reinforced concrete, structural steel or timber framing.
  2. Retaining walls and associated drainage.

The building works are to be inspected during construction by the Council, and accredited certifier or other suitably qualified person/s (as applicable) and a Compliance Certificate shall be issued prior to proceeding to the subsequent stages of construction, encompassing not less than the following stages:

  1. Any pier holes and/or foundation material.
  2. Any steel reinforcement prior to placement of concrete. This includes all reinforcement of floor, slabs, trenches, columns, beams and stairs (if components of this structure).
  3. Any structural components (i.e. timber framework, structural steelwork or the like) before fixing and lining or covering.
  4. Any stormwater drainage works prior to covering.

Most council have similar requirements which are driven by their requirement to conform with state building legislation. This is demonstrated by the similarity of the approval conditions of projects that have been subject to judgement by the NSW Land & Environment Court. A typical NSW Land & Environment Court 
consent condition is given below:

A Certificate must be obtained from a professional engineer, which certifies that the building works satisfy the relevant structural requirements of the Building Code of Australia and approved design documentation, to the satisfaction of the Principal Certifying Authority. A copy of which is to be provided to Council. 

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