New Works Optimisation

New Work Optimisation

Pile testing

In addition to providing designs for the testing of new works such as test rigs for piles and prestressing anchors, MJ Civil can also provide advice on the preparation of detailed testing procedures, supervise site testing and undertake evaluation of test results.

MJ Civil has the capability to undertake analytical back-analysis of in-situ soil design parameters from a pile test's load settlement data. Often this provides refinement of a previous design based on a site geotechnical investigation offering the project a significant commercial benefit and a design that is representative of actual pile performance for that particular site.

Ground anchors

MJ Civil's experience with shoring and subterranean design in general, has led to an in depth knowledge of soil structure interaction and in particular the performance of bonded ground anchor systems. Given the significant variance in installation techniques coupled with inconstancy of soil strength criteria, there is often an inherent level of conservatism where geotechnical anchorage design was based on parameters obtained through a site investigation process.

An appropriate site testing regime will not only provide confidence in the performance of the anchors installed, but will likely enable a rationalisation process for subsequent anchor installations on that project.