Adquacy 2

Adequacy of Existing Structures

Alterations and additions being undertaken to an existing structure as part of a Development Application (or subsequent Construction certificate) approved by council, typically require a practicing structural engineer to validate that the existing structure is capable of carrying any additional load resulting from the works.

MJ Civil can provide adequacy verification compliant with these consent conditions.

An example of typical adequacy consent conditions are given below: 

Structural Adequacy of Existing Building

A Certificate prepared by and appropriately qualified and practicing structural engineer, certifying the structural adequacy of the property and its ability to withstand the proposed additional, or altered structural loads during all stages of construction shall be submitted to the Certifying Authority prior to issue of the Construction Certificate. The certificate shall also include all details of the methodology to be employed in construction phases to achieve the above requirements.

(Reason: To ensure the structural integrity of the building is maintained)

On a smaller scale often MJ Civil undertakes adequacy inspections is relation to proposed removal of internal walls in existing residential and commercial structures.

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