Singapore Catenary

Street Signage and Lighting

Since 1998 MJ Civil has been actively involved in the design and implementation of multi function support structures for street signage, media advertisements and lighting.

The extent of MJ Civil's activities include the design and verification of lighting structures in three Australian States as well as southern Asia.

The role of MJ Civil in the above locations includes:

  • Foundation designs
  • Design & documentation of hybrid pole elements
  • Laboratory testing of hybrid pole elements and mounting brackets
  • Design & analytical modelling of frangible pole mountings
  • Site certification of pole installations
  • Diagnostic and Forensic evaluation of the structural adequacy of  poles subject to vehicular impact, while in service. 
For further details of the design, documentation and laboratory testing of hybrid pole elements, see Frangible Street Pole.

Sports Venue Lighting

Sports venue lighting is a very different level of complexity to that of general street lighting and signage. It very often involves poles of significant heights hosting an extensive bank of lights at the tip of the pole. In these cases design wind loads are often considerable and thus footing requirements are also extensive.

While some applications involve stadium and training facilities for elite sporting teams and clubs,  it is also common to provide illumination for training facilities for communities in more rural areas, where the installation challenge is providing the best outcome for a limited budget.

See Projects for examples of the above. Alternatively, for further information or to request a fee proposal, please contact us.