Shannon Creek

Public Utilities


Public Water Supply & Sewerage 

Our Design scope with respect to Public Water Supply & Sewerage schemes includes, but limited to, the following:

  • Dam structures
  • Water treatment plants
  • Water containment structures
  • Verification work

Structures relating to Power Supply

Structures relating to power supply very often have a more onerous design requirement than structures of a similar nature with different end usage. This is partially due to the necessity to have post disaster operational capabilities, but also it is very often driven by the sensitivity of the instrumentation housed within the structure or the requirement to interface with less robust existing equipment.

MJ Civil has experience with both the construction of new power infrastructure as well as the seamless integration of new structures within an existing power network, without the disruption to consumer services.

See Projects for examples of the above. Alternatively, for further information or to request a fee proposal, please contact us.